Ms Geek Rwanda 2016 is… Rosine Mwiseneza!

1462060474first-lady-ms-geekThe finalists with First Lady Jeannette Kagame. Rosine is third from the right. Photo courtesy of the New Times

A huge congratulations to Rosine Mwiseneza and Alphonse Habyarimana, whose automatic irrigation project won Rosine the title of Ms Geek 2016 last night!

Ms Geek is a competition run by Girls in ICT, an organization that promotes female involvement in STEM fields, and their partner the Imbuto Foundation, an organization founded by the first lady to engage, educate, and empower kids.

Rosine was selected as one of five finalists from 130 applicants in early April. The five finalists went through a mentorship program where they continued to develop their ideas and created 5-minute pitches for the final competition. A panel of judges listed to each pitch, asked 2 questions, and then rated the project on innovation, usefulness, and feasibility. Other projects included a mobile application that connects people with available jobs and a mobile application that alerts nurses when a patient’s IV drip is almost empty. Rosine’s project took the grand prize of 2 million RWF (~$3000), a Positivo laptop, a smarphone, and a tablet.

Alphonse and Rosine are excited to continue working on their project with all of their new financial and human resources!

A huge congratulations to the past and present lab staff–Athanase, Sylvain, Julienne, Alphonse, Rosine, Daniel, Alice, Albine–your work makes an impact in people’s lives every day, but having some external motivation every once in a while is a good reminder of that 🙂 Keep up the great work, team!

News articles about the event:

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Hello! I am a third year grad student at U.C. Berkeley studying biophysics. I have a passion in education and have worked in the past on developing the Kepler Tech Lab project. Please check out the project and feel free to drop me a line!
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4 Responses to Ms Geek Rwanda 2016 is… Rosine Mwiseneza!

  1. That Awesome Job to our lady Rosine, Congratulationz you even make our name(Kepler) being recognized even in the President Office. I like how you use skills you learn from Kepler and add your personal motivation to reach your goal. I can’t wait to see you implementing this idea and solve agriculture issues in Rwanda.

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  2. Lixin Ma says:

    Congratulations to Rosine for the win! It is a once in a life time experience to be titled the Miss Geek Rwanda 2016! And congratulations to the Kepler Tech Lab Team!! What you are doing is making a real impact on individual students and on the society!

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